Hartenbos Walk

The town where I live, Mossel Bay, is a coastal town and every December thousands of people come to spend their summer holiday on our beaches.  While having these visitors is very good for our town’s economy there are times when I wish they would disappear that the town can return to its usual peacefulness.
Mossel bay in the distance
Hartenbos is a popular resort about 10 km from Mossel Bay.  In early September 2012 (during one of the more peaceful times) we went for a walk on the path next to the beach.    
Emma cannot wait to start walking
The “Afrikaanse Taal en Kultuurvereniging (ATKV)” or Afrikaans Language and Cultural Society built this beautiful path next to the beach.  While walking you can see the beach, the beautiful Outeniqua Mountains and Mossel Bay. 
Hartenbos Beach with Outeniqua Mountains in the background
Next to the path there are hundreds of vygie plants with pretty yellow or purple flowers. 
It is an easy walk and not very long.  We walk from the main beach to the Hartenbos River and back.  It was a great way to spend one of the first warm days of spring.


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