Graaff-Reinet : Old Buildings

As I already wrote a few times on this blog, my husband and I love to visit churches and National Heritage Sites.  Graaff-Reinet is paradise for us because the town has more than 200 National Heritage Sites and some beautiful churches (like the “Groot Kerk”).  Almost every street has a house or five that were declared a National Monument.  We loved driving and walking in the streets and finding these old buildings around every corner.  Today I want to show some of these buildings:

Parsonage Street
Parsonage Street is one of the most historical streets in the town.  It stretches from Reinet House (link) on the one end to the Drosdy Hotel at the other end.  In this street are several national heritage sites as well as the Old Residency Museum and St James the Great Church

Town Hall
The foundation stone of the town hall was laid on 26 June 1902but building only started in 1910. It was named “The Victoria Hall” after Queen Victoria and a bust of her can be found above the entrance.  The Victoria Hall was opened on 5 September 1911.
Dewney House
This double-storey commercial building on the corner of Caledon Street and Church Square was erected in the early 1800’s.  The Dewney Brothers used it for their draper’s business and a grocer and offices for the local newspaper used other parts.

The double storey building was built in about 1870.  In the1900’s it became a pharmacy and was sold again in 1958.
Te Water House
This was the home of the Te Water family.  King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (the Queen Mother) stopped here in 1947for morning tea during a short visit to Graaff-Reinet.  It is now an antique shop named Reinet Antiek.
The Drostdy Hotel
The Drosdy Hotel was designed by Louis Michel Thibault and was erected between 1804 and 1806.  It was used as a Drostdy until 1847.  Since 1876 it has been used as a hotel.
The Magistrate & Post Office Building
This building was erected in 1970


  1. Hello, love your pics, but missing 100's for GRT. I grew up there and am now trying to trace buildings of yester year i.e. PA Luckhoff general store, The Plaza. In doing my family tree, I came upon these snd more names, my sketches date back to 1850 +, so they have changed a bit. If you have any more pics, research or info, plz contact me.. Most beautiful town in SA


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