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We stayed in the Acacia Guest House in Graaff-Reinet.  The house has 4 self-catering rooms that are rented out separately.  We booked the Protea room at the back of the house that included a small kitchen.  There is also secure parking at the back.  The house is in one of the main streets of the towns and walking distance from shops and museums. 
After breakfast at the Wimpy Restaurant we went to visit the museums.  There are five museums that form part of the Graaff-Reinet Museum Complex.  We have already visited the Old Library Museum and Reinet House in 2008.  If you plan to visit more than one of the museums you can buy a combined ticket for a discounted prize. 

Our first stop was at the Urquhart House. The house was built between 1806 and 1821.  In 1912 Herbert Urquhart, the mayor of the town from 1915 to 1936, bought the house.  Inside the museum is a collection of Victorian furniture.  We took a few photos before learning it was not allowed.
Urquhart House
The Military History Museum is in the back of Urquhart House. It is house in a building that was built on the lines of a stable.  At first we wer a bit disappointed that there is not a lot of items to see.  Once we started reading the interesting information to read about Gideon Scheepers  and the military history of the town we enjoyed the visit.  (I will write more about Gideon Scheepers in another post)
Military History Museum
The last museum we visited was the Old Residency Museum in Parsonage Street.  It is walking distance from the military museum.  On our way to Parsonage Street we walked pass Reinet House. (Reinet House is also one of the 5 museums in the town.  We visited it in 2008)
Reinet House 
The Old Residency is a Cape Dutch H-shaped house built between 1819 and 1831. The government bought the house in 1916 to use as residency for the Magistrate.  It was used as residency until 1978.  It was declared a National Monument in 1962.  The exhibits we saw included the William Roe Photographic Exhibit, a Music room, a drawing room and a collection of historic firearms.
The Old Residency
The museums were interesting with information about the history of the town.  At first we were a bit disappointed with the items on display in the Military Museum but It took us about 90 minutes to visit all three of these museums. 

Acacia Guest House
Address:                       87 Caledon Street, Graaff-Reinet
Contact Person:             Lynn Minnaar
Phone no:                     +27 82 659 2456

Graaff-Reinet Museums
(Reinet House, The Old Library, Urquhart House, The Old Residency and The Military History Museum)
Phone no:                     +27 49 892 3801
Fax no:                         +27 49 892 5650
Visiting Hours:               Monday – Thursday:             08:00-13:00 & 13:45–16:30
                                    Friday:                                 08:00-13:00 & 13:45–16:00
                                    Saturday:                             Open 2 Saturdays a month

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