Bathurst : Big Pineapple

After leaving Port Alfred we made on our way to Bathurst.  Outside of the town we spotted the Big Pineapple and as it was one of the places I wanted to visit decided to stop.
We first took a few pictures of the big pineapple before going inside.  The pineapple in 16.7m high and has three floors.  The ground floor has a gift shop.  I was a bit disappointed with the small variety of items on sale.  We did find a nice fridge magnet of the pineapple. 
We had to pay to go up the stairs to the other floor of the pineapple.  The first floor has information about pineapple farming and the building of the big pineapple and on the second floor a DVD can be watch.  There is not a lot to see inside the pineapple and we were not in the mood to read all the information on the displays. 
We walked past all the display to the observation deck with great views of the surrounding farms.  With nothing else to see or do we got back in the car and continued to drive to Bathurst.  The whole visit was less than 30 minutes but is was a fun stop to make and definitely not something you see everyday.


  1. Hmm, that sounds like the type of place that would benefit if they allowed free entry! I'm always intrigued by the decision to charge for small, niche displays like this. Great views though!


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