PE : Churches

There are lots of churches in Port Elizabeth and SOME of them were part of the Donkin Heritage Trail.  We reached the Pearson Street Congregational Church at about 14:00 after starting the trail at 9:00.  It was at this stage that my camera decided it had enough and the battery died.  So we decided to relax the rest of the day and continue with the trail on the next day with some more churches. 

The churches are really beautiful with the stone walls and tall towers.  Unfortunately most of the churches are closed and we could not go inside.  Here are some pictures of the churches we saw:

Pearson Street Congregational Church
This cruciform or cross-shaped church was opened in 1881 and is surrounded by the original stone pillars and wrought iron railings.

St John Methodist Church
This cruciform church was opened in 1894.  It is enclosed by its original boundary pillars and cast iron fencing.

Holy Trinity Church
This church was also built with a cruciform plan in 1866 and but the tower and spire were only completed in 1873.  The church hall was added in 1882 and the nave extended in 1884.  The church was rebuilt after IT burned down by a mentally deranged woman in 1897 (only the walls, tower and spire remained).


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