01 June 2012

Plettenberg Bay : St Peter’s Anglican Church

After the Van Plettenberg Monument and Old Timber Shed in Meeding Street we went to look for the old stone church I saw on pictures.  We did not have a map or address but got good directions from a surfer.  We should have guessed that the church would be in Church Street.
The St Peter’s Anglican Church was beautiful.  It stood between trees in a pretty garden with the sun shining on the stone walls.  We walked closer and found a sundial, pretty old church bell and even a few old graves around the church.  Unfortunately it was closed and we could not see the inside.

I could not find a lot of information about the history of the church but did find:

  • The church is built on the site of a small schoolroom-cum-chapel that was built for Bishop Robert gray’s visit in 1856.  It was destroyed by a gale in 1875.
  • The church was designed by Sophy Gray in 1879.
  • The church was designed by Sophy Gray in 1879The contractor who built the church was William Jones.  He also donated furniture to the church.
  • It was consecrated by Bishop William Wes Jones on 14 August 1881.

Sophy Gray Churches Note:
We did not know that this church was one by Sophy Gray when visiting in April 2012.  I did
make a note on our list that we saw this church but we will go back to this church and try to
see the inside as well.

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