Eastern Cape : Not without my camera

My husband and I both like history. So it was no surprise when we decided to spend our honeymoon in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.  I did some research before we left and had a list with things to do and see but I did not realize how much history the Eastern Cape had.  Between the Frontier Wars, 1820 British Settlers and Anglo-Boer Wars we had a lot to see. I will write about some of the history while posting about the places we visited.
We got married in my hometown, George, in the Western Cape and started our honeymoon in Plettenberg Bay (also in the Western Cape) about 85 km away from George.  We arrived in Plett at about 16:00 the afternoon after first opening gifts at my parents’ home. We stayed in a lovely Victorian house, Southern Cross Guest House.  It is next to the beach but we could not see the beach from our room. 
When I wanted to take a picture of the room I realized “MY CAMERA IS NOT HERE”.  So after panicking for a while I called my mom and luckily the camera was at their house in George.  My lovely husband was so nice and said we are not to far away and we can go back to get the camera.
The next day we had a wonderful breakfast on the verandah of the guest house with a beautiful view of the beach.  There were cereals, fresh fruit, yogurt and a warm English breakfast to choose from. We were joined by the owners of the guest house’s dogs, Toby and Baloo.  They were so friendly that we felt at home.  I did take some pictures with my phone at breakfast:
After breakfast we drove the 85km back to George to fetch my camera and then 85km back to
Plett. Thanks to my great husband.  The trip would not have been the same if I could not take


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