Day 15 : Bern : Rosengarten

Tuesday 19 July was our last full day in Switzerland.  At 10:15 we walked from the apartment to the tram stop.  We had to wait 7 minutes for the tram before riding to Bern Bahnhof.  We took a stroll through the old town of Bern. There was a market in Barenplatz and we walked through the stalls.  We walked further stopping at a few shops and taking some more photos of the old buildings and fountains on our way to the Rosengarten or Rose Garden.
 We had to walk up a very steep hill but could stop to see an amazing view of Bern’s Old Town and the river.  It was so pretty with the river flowing and all the church towers standing above the houses.
We reached the Rose garden and found a table on the grass for our picnic.  There was quite a few people around but it was still calm.  We could not think that there is a busy city not far from us.  After eating we walked through the garden with a lot of different roses and other plants.
When we arrived in Bern on 12 July 2012 it was 17:00 and the train station was chaotic because of rush hour.  Mom wanted to take some pictures of the busy station and just before 17:00 we took the tram to the station.  And it was busy again.  We walked through the station, bought some food and found out about the time for our train ride to Zurich the next day.  Then we went back to the apartment for the last night n Bern.

It was a great morning and a very relaxing way to end our time in Switzerland.  We walked back down the hill past the bear pits, over the Nydeggbrucke into Bern Alt Stadt.  We walked with Geregtigheidsgasse, Kramgasse and while passing the clock tower en prison tower.  We were sad to say good buy to Switzerland but also glad to go back to our family in South Africa.  We stopped at a few shops on the way back to buy the last gifts and souvenirs. And at about 15:00 took the tram back to Sonja’s apartment.  Back at the apartment we started to pack and clean. 


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