Day 12 : Toggenbühl farm in Worb : Wedding reception

Saturday 16 July 2011 was the day of Erik and Ariane’s second wedding reception. (The first was in South Africa in April 2011) This reception was the reason for our visit to Switzerland.

We slept late and then relaxed at the apartment.  Later we went to Bern on the tram and spend most of the morning walking around in shops and buying gifts for friends, family and for us. At about 14:00 we were back at the apartment and after eating we started to get ready for the wedding.

Sonja borrowed her mom’s car and 15:30 we (Mom, Sonja, her sister and me) drove to the Toggenbühl farm in Worb. When compared to South-African farms it is a very small farm but it has a beautiful big house.  It was a lovely sunny day and we had some drinks and snacks outside on the grass. 

The people are very friendly and a lot of them came to talk to us (even when their English was not very good).  After drinks we went into the shed to eat.  There was a lot of food to choose from: Chicken, pork, lamb chops, sausage, bread and a variety of salads.  After eating we wrote messages or Chinese lanterns and went outside to send them up into the sky.  We had some wedding cake for desert and after a nice night returned to Bern just after 12:00.


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