Day 10 – Sonja’s Swiss Dinner

After a day of sightseeing in Bern on 14 July 2011 we went back so Sonja's apartment because Sonja was making a Swiss dinner for us.

After Sonja got home we helped her to get ready for the dinner.  She was sleeping on a mattress in the living room and my mom and I was sharing her room.  We carried the mattress to the room and helped to set the table.

We washed potatoes, peeled carrots and cut mushrooms. We were not quite sure what Sonja was making but kept following her instructions.  Erik arrived and went downstairs to fix a tire on Sonja’s bike.

At about 19:00 Sonja’s mom and sister arrived.  We had some wine and talked.  English was a second or third language for all of us but we still had nice talks.  Then it was time for dinner, “Gschwellti”.
Gschwellti is small potatoes cooked in their skins.  We ate the potatoes with about nine different kinds of cheese and salad.  It was fun to try the different soft / hard / herby / mild / strong cheeses.  It was a simple but delicious meal.  We ended the meal with chocolate cream and pears made by Sonja’s mom and some coffee. 

After dinner Erik wanted mom and me to try out Sonja’s e-bike.  The e-bike is a bike with an electric motor used to help power it.  Sonja’s mom also has an e-bike.  First I went for a ride with Sonja and then Mom went.  It was strange to ride up a hill without even
Erik, Ariane, Sonja's Mom and my Mom
Me and Sonja
Mom and me


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