Day 10 – More of Bern (2)

We walked around in the old town of Bern on Thursday 14 July 2011.  We walked to the Waisenhausplatz (Orphanage Plaza) and found a bench.  We sat to eat a snack while looking at the Meret Opperheim Fountain.

  • Meret Oppenheim Fountain
Artist Meret Oppenheim created the Meret-Oppenheim-Brunnen in 1983. The column at the center of the fountain is covered in plants and grass.
  • Old Orphanage House
We walked pass the Old Orphanage House built in 1782.  It is now used for a police office.
  • Kunst Museum
Next we visited the Art Museum.  We had free enterance with the Swiss pass and first walked through the permanent displays of the museum.  The museum had an exibition of art work by Ernest Biéler called “Dreamt Reality”.  We did not know him but decided to go see the exibition.  We loved it.  Ernest Biéler was a Swiss painter who lived from 1863 to 1948 and painted a lot of beautiful paintings.

  • Bundesplatz
After visiting the Kunst Museum we walked to the Bundesplatz.  We quickly walked through this square on the previous day with Erik and Ariane but did not have time to look around.  We enjoyed the fountains in the square and took some photos in front of the Swiss parliament building before starting the walk back to the station.
  • Zytgloggeturm or Clock Tower
On our way back we passed the clock tower.  There was a lot of tourists standing around and I could not resist taking some more photos.
After a busy morning we went back to the apartment for some lunch. 
At 14:20 we went into town again.  This time it was not for sightseeing but for shopping.  It was time to buy some souvenirs and gifts for the people back home. We went to Loeb. This store has 8 floors with a different department on each floor.  We spend a lot of time looking around.  In the end we decided to buy Swiss Victorinox knives as gifts for most of our friends. 
At about 16:30 we went back Sonja’s.  She was making us a Swiss dinner and her mom and sister was also coming.


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