Day 8 – Lausanne (2) : Cathédrale Notre-Dame

We traveled to Lausanne on a very warm Tuesday (12 July 2011).  After lunch we visited the Lausanne's Cathedral (Cathédrale Notre-Dame).  The construction of this beautiful gothic cathedral began in 1175 and it was consecrated in 1275. 

We entered the cathedral through the Montfalcon Portal.  The doorway is named after a 16th century bishop and is decorated with sculptures of biblical figures, saints, bishops and other creatures.
Montfalcon Portal
Montfalcon Portal
We walked down the nave with wonderful columns.  The Apse ceiling in the east end with the stained glass windows was beautiful.  The pulpit from 1666 is attached to one of the columns in the nave.  The cathedral has a beautiful big organ.

Apse ceiling and high altar
We went to the south portal known as the Portail Peint or Painted Portal.  It was built between 1225 and 1235 by Jean Cotereel.  The portal was the main entrance until the Montfalcon portal was built in 1515-1517.  The west side shows prophets and precursors of Christ. The north side is decorated with three scenes glorifying the Virgin. The south has ancestors of Christ while the east side shows individuals spreading the word of Christ.
Painted Portal - North Side
Painted Portal - East Side
The Rose window has beautiful stain glass windows with images representing the four seasons, four elements, four winds, four rivers of paradise, and the signs of the zodiac. 
Rose Window
The cathedral was beautiful but after walking through we were tired.  It was a very warm and humid day.  We went to sit on a bench to rest and drank some more cold water from the fountain before walking further.


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